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PuyoDead played LEGO Universe

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PuyoDead said...
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So, halfway through today's window of playtime, and it's been spent entirely on trying to get in. I've played this game once, for one hour, since I got into the closed beta.

I've taken part in a few closed MMO betas (WoW, SWG), and this is by far the most frustrating. The little bit I've played so far has been very good, but with only three open days and a few hours per day, it's pretty damn difficult to actually play.

Guess I'll just keep sitting here attempting to get in.

edit: I see GamerDNA still hasn't done anything about the shitty "you wanted to post game activity for YESTERDAY, right?" thing.
LEGO Universe

LEGO Universe (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date:
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The Lego MMO? How does it compare to other MMOS?
Well, that whole three hour window was spent trying to get in, which I never did. And I usually work the days it's open. So, this is just going on one hour of play.

So far, it's pretty fun. It's more of an action MMORPG. It's a real time hack n' slash type of battle system, and works pretty well (think Torchlight, without having to click ON enemies, just click to swing). I'm yet to get abilities or magic or anything of that sort, so I'm not sure how that works. I'm finding single Lego bricks here and there, and evidently you can build anything you want, and "display" them at some kind of player housing (could be wrong on that one, just going by things I've overheard). Building itself is a bit odd to get used to at first, but it works well enough.

Quests work exactly as expected, and it keeps pretty good running track of them with a little box at the top of the screen (which can be removed). You get different outfits and body parts as rewards sometimes, which is a plus. Speaking of outfits...

Player creation is pretty limited for now. But I think that's simply to keep the "good" stuff in game to find. Obviously you won't be changing the shape of your minifig, so you only pick face types (broken down by eyes, eyebrows, mouth), and clothing.

I was hoping to get a better idea of how things are today, but again, no go with that. Hopefully they start adding more playtime days/hours soon.
Could I still get into the beta? Or is it too late?
It you had to compare it to another MMO, what MMO? WOW? Eq? Etc.
I think you can still send them an email to try for it (it's still pretty early), but it takes a while to get in. As for comparison, I'm not sure. The real time combat makes it different from most MMOs. And from what I've seen so far, it seems a little more geared toward building and exploration. So yea, not really sure.
They don't have a website where I could join?
Give this a shot, and good luck.

Thanks, I've loved Legos my whole life, so this looked interesting.

Just signed up.
I played once the first weekend it opened and never had the chance after that. Hopefully as time goes on they open it up to more then just 3 days. I had alot more fun with this MMO then others since it's a realtime battle system, it kind of annoys me when you are not in control of the action!
Well, I finally got to play thursday. For a long time, at that. And now that I've got a little more time with it, I like it even more. It's essentially an MMO platformer with RPG elements. Think the recent Lego platformers (Star Wars, Indiana Jones), but a LOT more detailed.

Oh, I also got to try out building. There's a basic "pick a model and place it" mode. Then there's a full on "use individual pieces" mode. It's all rather involved, and even that portion alone is a very impressive building game.

Yea, I'm looking forward to this game being finished. But it's going to be a long way off. There's a ton still unfinished (quests you can't finish, areas you can't visit), and honestly, I don't think I have much left to do.
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